Camouflage Breast Mask

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The skin of the breast is very sensitive and loses its elasticity. Easy to use, Camouflage Breast mask is a moisturizing and soothing treatment that helps restore elasticity.

The unique and eye-catching pink camouflage is symbolic to an anti-violence campaign. Through bright, warm colored camouflage prints, Kocostar wanted to convey the message that we should cover ourselves with love and delight, instead of hatred and violence.


Usage tips After shower, apply toner to even out texture of the skin. Take out the masks from package and carefully peel off the film liner. Slowly attach to the skin starting from the center and then onto ourward. Relex for 20 to 30 minutes and discard. No need to rinse.

بعد الاستحمام ، ضعي التونر لتوحيد نسيج الجلد. أخرج الأقنعة من العبوة وانزع بطانة الفيلم بعناية. اربطه ببطء بالجلد بدءًا من المركز ثم إلى الأمام. Relex لمدة 20 إلى 30 دقيقة وتجاهل. لا حاجة للشطف.

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