Camouflage Hair Mask

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Our hair is exposed to small, invisible damage. If this damage is not treated, your hair will be weakened. Loss of protein makes hair loose and dry by creating split ends. Kocostar has created a daily home hair care product that can be used anytime, anywhere.Kocostar\'s camouflage mask is easy to use at home and nourishes damaged hair.The cap is filled with highly concentrated elements that will leave your hair shiny.The mask is filled with ingredients that provide a great amount of protein, which adds elasticity to the hair.The ingredients also help maintain moisture in the hair, which balances pH levels. The essence creates a layer that protects and limits other damage.



Usage tips After shampooing, towel dry hair slightly, then place cap around hair and tuck loose ends inside. Secure cap with adhesive tab and massage scalp gently to fully absorb nutrients into the hair. Wear the cap for 15 to 20 minutes in or out of the shower, then remove and rinse hair with warm water.

بعد غسل الشعر بالشامبو ، جففيه بالمنشفة قليلاً ، ثم ضعي الغطاء حول الشعر وثني الأطراف السائبة بالداخل. قم بتأمين الغطاء بعلامة لاصقة ودلك فروة الرأس بلطف لامتصاص العناصر الغذائية بالكامل في الشعر. ارتدي الغطاء لمدة 15 إلى 20 دقيقة أثناء الاستحمام أو خارجه ، ثم قم بإزالة الشعر وشطفه بالماء الدافئ.

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