Slice Mask Sheet ( Coconut)

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A revolution in the concept of sheet masks. KOCOSTAR® Slice Mask is comprised of 12 individual slices infused with the scent and the nutrients of a fruit or a vegetable it was designed after – a convenient and effective alternative to using raw fruits and vegetables. These compact, individual slices are made of TENCEL® fibers from eucalyptus tree that it’s gentle even on the sensitive skin. They will allow you to target specific areas of your face or body with intense nourishments.


Extremely hydrating and soothing essence mask that enables you to target specific areas of the skin. Suitable for any skin type. Innovative and fun design for enjoyable skin care.



Usage tips
Cleanse your face and apply toner. Place the individual slices on the face or body as desired. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, then remove and pat in any remaining essence into skin.

نظفي وجهك وضعي التونر. ضع الشرائح الفردية على الوجه أو الجسم حسب الرغبة. اتركيه لمدة 10 إلى 20 دقيقة ، ثم قومي بإزالة أي جوهر متبقي على البشرة.

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